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Welcome to the Medical & Dental Education Hub

Whether you are considering applying for a position in Milton Keynes, about to start work here or are already working here and looking for opportunities for professional development,  I hope you find the information in our website useful. Please do not hesitate to contact me or a member of the medical education team if you have any queries or if you have any suggestions for improving our website content.

Miss Debbie Phillips
Director of Medical Education & Consultant Surgeon

email: [email protected]
Miss Phillips has been a Consultant Surgeon at the Trust since 2003 and previously completed Vascular and General Surgical training in the Oxford Deanery

Karen Camm
Assistant Director of Education & Organisational Development (OD)

email: [email protected]

Nicola Bonwick
Medical & Dental Education Manager & Buckingham Medical School Manager

email: [email protected]

Lucretia DeVeer
Interim Medical & Dental Education Manager & Buckingham Medical School Manager

email: [email protected]

Our offices are located on the ground floor - New Academic Centre, The Hospital Campus.   follow us on twitter @dmemkuh.  Download our team contact leaflet here

F1 and F2  Doctors
Please contact Yvonne Jenkins - Foundation Programme Coordinator
T: 01908 990572 x85072
Email: [email protected]

For GPVTS Queries:
Please contact Maureen Hempenstall
T: 01908 995075 x85075  
Email: [email protected]

SAS Doctors/ CMT Doctors  / Doctors Induction / MKUH Workforce website
Please contact Maggie Cahill - Speciality Training Co-ordinator
T: 01908 995074  x85074  
Email: [email protected]

Study Leave
Tricia Haisman - click here