Doctors in Training

Core Medical Trainees

Dr John Northfield - College Tutor for Medicine

Useful Contacts
Dr Sally Edmonds  CMT Programme Director   
Consultant Rheumatologist, Stoke Mandeville Tel : 01296 316664

Jane Exell   Programme Manager CMT, HETV  Tel : 01865 785546

Jerome Joseph   Recruitment and Assessment Administrator   Tel : 01865 785545

Please note:  Issues regarding your e-portfolio such as access by you or your supervisors should be directed to Jerome Joseph in the first instance.  It is essential that any changes to your personal details such as email addresses, contact details and home address are kept up to date by the Deanery. Please let Jerome Joseph know immediately. There are several previous curricula for CMT training. ALL trainees should be using the latest version: “(CMT curriculum 2009 (Amendments 2012))” on the E-portfolio. All trainees are now required by the GMC to use the latest curriculum and contents 

Foundation Doctors 

Yvonne Jenkins
Foundation Programme Coordinator
T: 01908 995072  Ext:  85072

Dr Yaw Duodu & Miss Amanda Taylor
Foundation Training Programme Directors

During your placement Yvonne Jenkins will organise your ITRs and help with any issues regarding your eportfolio.  

Oxford University Medical Students 

Yvonne Jenkins
Foundation Programme Coordinator
T: 01908 995072  Ext:  85072

Clinical Leads:  
Dr Arup Chakraborty -
Dr Ram - email:

We offer 60 placements staggered throughout the year in Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Medicine and Surgery. Placements range from two to six weeks with the aim of preparing Foundation Training following graduation. For more information please contact

Other Grades

Maggie Cahill
Specialty Training Coordinator
T: 01908 995072  Ext:  85072