Schwartz Rounds 2019

Here at Milton Keynes University Hospital we care about our staff and the compassion that they show every day to patients, carers, and families and to their colleagues.

Schwartz Rounds provide a unique counter-cultural space to the usual fast paced, hierarchial, outcome oriented environment of the NHS / practice, where stoicism is valued and where staff are exhorted to put patietns first. In rounds, silence and stillness counter the the usual busy noisy world and instead of stoicism, emotional openess and honesty are priveleged; and distinctively staff, not patients are centre stage.

Rounds offer a safe reflective space for staff to share stories with their peers about their work and its impact upon them.

Source: An organisational Guide to Understanding, Implementing and sustaining Schwartz Rounds, led by Professor Jill Maben2018

Working in a hospital environment can be extremely challenging where staff are expected to deal with happy, sad, difficult and emotional situations every day.  Health care staff are often highly pressured which can have a negative effect on their welfare. Schwartz Rounds were inspired by Kenneth Schwartz a Boston lawyer who died from lung cancer in his 40's.  He wrote movingly about the positive impact of receiving compassionate care and the emotional cost to staff that this involves.  Schwartz Rounds create safe spaces to reflect and share the psychological aspects of caring. 

All staff are welcome to attend, both clinical and non-clinical.  Each Round is based on a theme where a panel will present cases before illustrating the impact of those situations upon them.  A Facilitator then leads the discussion with input from those present to share similar experiences of their own.  We warmly invite you to join us. For further information please email: [email protected]






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