We Care

we_care_small.jpgWelcome to the WeCare Programme

You will see the WeCare logo in and around the hospital.  WeCare started in April 2012 with over 500 patients, carers and members of staff helping to develop a new set of standards & values.  WeCare Values describe how we aim to be with patients, carers and each other.   WeCare Standards (six domains - see links below) apply to all of us, and are a part of everybody's job. WeCare is about supporting staff to deliver the quality of service you aspire to for your patients and each other.

To learn more please click on the links below:

Respect, Courtesy & Kindness Standards
Timely Care & Attention Standards
Listen, Inform & Explain Standards
Work Together Standards
Reassuringly Professional Standards
Clean & Comfortable Environment Standards

Behaviours Framework (do's and dont's!!)  
Want to get involved with the project?  please email [email protected]

It's important to also look after yourself and even the smallest of acts make a big difference... get started by downloading the  Self Care Starter Kit brought to you by Blurt.

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