Trust Induction

Trust Induction

Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (MKUH) recognises the importance of ensuring that all employees begin their employment in a positive and supportive environment.  Induction is the process by which a new employee who could be new to the NHS or the organisation is integrated fully, enabling them into their roles to become effective at the earliest stage. It is a mechanism of aligning all new staff to MKUH statutory and mandatory training requirements; an introduction to the core values, providing clarity around expectations and an opportunity to network with colleagues.

Attendance on the corporate induction programme is seen as a condition for employment and must be completed within 2 months of their appointment.  All employed staff of MKUH (medical, clinical and non-clinical) including fixed term contract and bank staff are required to participate in the corporate induction process.

Attendance at the corporate induction programme can only be waived in exceptional circumstancesThe only exceptions are as follows:

  • Returners within 1 year will be subject to a local induction;

  • Agency staff with appointments of less than three months will be subject to a local induction;

When is Corporate Trust Induction?

The Trust Induction dates for 2018-2019 are as follows:

        Day            Month            Year
08-12 January 2018
05-09 February 2018
05-09 March 2018
09-13 April 2018
14-18 May 2018
04-08 June 2018
02-06 July 2018
06-10 August 2018
03-07 September 2018
01-05 October 2018
08-12 October 2018
05-09 November 2018
03-07 December 2018
07-11 January 2019
04-08 February 2019
04-08 March 2019

All staff need to attend day 1-2 of Trust Induction, days 3-5 are dependant on job role.

For example:

Non-clinical staff days   1-2
Medical staff days         1-3
Unqualified nurse days 1-5
Qualified nurse days     1-5

How to Book

Please contact the Mandatory Training Team on 01908 995080 (internal ext 85080)

or e-mail [email protected]