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Work experience opportunities are open to students aged 16-18 years old , who attend a local secondary school, or live within Milton Keynes. 

For Medical Students seeking Clinical Attachments, unfortunately at the moment these are on hold. 

If you are over 18 years old, we cannot currently offer work experience, an alternative could be considering volunteering, if you are interested contact [email protected] , Assistant Voluntary Services Manager


Here at Milton Keynes University Hospital we have two structured programmes of work experience on offer:
A 5 day Nursing experience for 16-18 year olds  
2 day A&E work experience for those that can demonstrate they are eligible to apply for medical school
A number of ad-hoc work experience opportunities, subject to availability in the area of interest.

(The Trust considers all applications for work experience. But because of the high demand for placements, we have to give priority to applicants who either live or attend an educational institute in the Milton Keynes area)


A&E work experience is a two day work shadow placement in the Emergency Department.  Placements take place during school holidays throughout the year.  To apply you must be:

  • Aged 17 years
  • Planning a career in medicine
  • Live in Milton Keynes
  • Attend school locally

Interested?  please send us your CV (must include your d.o.b) , and a letter on headed paper from your school confirming that you intend to study medicine. Send these to [email protected]

Our 5 day Nursing Work Experience is held twice a year, usually in July and February School holidays. We can only accept applications from students aged 16-18 years old. As there is high demand for these placements, we shortlist applicants based on their personal statements and if they meet eligibility criteria.

Application Process
If you are interested in a work experience placement with us, please download and complete the following documents and email them to
[email protected] .  Students are also required to provide a character reference and a personal statement explaining your reasons for applying. Please ensure you specify which work experience you are applying for.

Work Experience Application Form  
Pre-Placement Questionnaire
Next of Kin Form

Please note that official documentary evidence of all childhood vaccinations is required along with the Pre-Placement Questionnaire, for example a printout is required from the students GP surgery.  A placement cannot commence without all the required documentation.

Restricted Areas
Due to the need to protect students from potentially upsetting situations, the need to safeguard patient confidentiality and Health & Safety concerns – the following areas do not offer work experience placements: Mortuary, Theatres, Department of Critical Care, Paediatrics, Children’s Services and any unit that requires a Disclosure and Barring Service Check. Please be mindful of this when specifying areas when applying.  All work experience applications must adhere to the correct process and have their attendance authorised by the Learning and Development Team. This is not only to protect the Trust and its patients but also the student that is coming into the Hospital.

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Work experience is an important part of our widening participation responsibility within our local community, and it is our aim is to help raise the aspirations of the students and for them to gain an insight into all the careers in the NHS.

What have we done in the last year?

  • We have facilitated 70 placement opportunities for aspiring Nurses.
  • We have supported opportunities for many individual students in a range of work experience opportunities in the hospital including Maternity and Catering.
  • We have been working with external providers and have facilitated work experience opportunities for individuals that are had previously been unemployed and that have now gone on to secure full time employment in the trust.
  • We have supported 41 aspiring doctors with a two day work experience placements within our Accident and Emergency department.
  • We have been working with an external organisation to support individuals with disabilities, helping them to secure work experience within the hospital.
  • We are working with an external organisation to support young students that have been excluded from main stream school, supporting them with workability skills.
  • We have supported many career events in our local area which have been aimed at giving students an insight into all the various careers within the NHS.
  • We have supported various ‘Career workouts’ in our local schools and have an on- going commitment to support these events on at least 30 occasions this year.

If after reading this you are interested in a work experience placement at Milton Keynes University Hospital , or require more information, please feel free to contact us on 01908 995081 or 01908 995109. Alternatively, contact us via email at [email protected].

During the last year we have supported over 140 students to complete work experience opportunities within the hospital. These opportunities have been in various areas including Nursing, A&E, IT, Security, Postroom, Cardiology, Clinical Skills & Sim and our Patient Experience department. Our work experience programme has also been audited and has achieved a Quality Award, Bronze Standard, in recognition of the quality of our work experience.  Interested?  Contact us on 01908 995081 or 01908 995109. Alternatively, contact us via email at [email protected].